Running an online retail business can be difficult especially if you have to deal with an unreliable delivery service. That is why we here at General Freight take great pride in our reliable delivery services. We understand that as a business owner you have a great many responsibilities and concerns. What we aim to do is to make the delivery of your goods one thing you don’t have to worry about. The reliable delivery service we offer is truly unparalleled and designed to make your life easier.

Our fleet includes Cargo vans, 1 Tons and 5 Tons, allowing us to transport a large variety of goods. From small deliveries to large commercial orders, we’ll ensure your items arrive quickly and safely. With more than 15 years of tried and true experience, we will deliver your items safely to locations throughout BC and Alberta. providing LTL, deliveries, cross-docking, and storage needs with a 30,000sf warehouse. Currently delivering in excess of 4,000 packages per day within BC and Alberta.

Along with being extremely dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of professional courier services, we are also dedicated to ensuring that your customer experience is the best it can be. That's why when you do business with General Freight, your needs always come first, and we are always here to help.

If you should think of any questions or concerns that might stop you from giving our reliable delivery services a go, please reach out to us and see if we can't help deliver you to the right options for your business.

Don't allow unreliable delivery services to continue to hinder your business's growth. Hire the delivery experts that will help you grow. Hire General Freight!

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