Why use General Freight’s Vancouver courier delivery services?

Online shopping is increasing at an exponential rate, which is great for small businesses who want to sell their goods or services to a broader audience. Now, while shopping online is a simpler process for the customer, it will add some extra steps for you, the business owner. One of the most crucial additional steps would be the process of shipping the goods to the customers who have ordered them. Shipping can be and most often is the factor that can either make a consumer a lifelong customer or make them never want to order from you again. Luckily, this is where General Freight and our Vancouver courier delivery services can assist.

We are currently delivering in excess of 4,000 packages per day within BC and Alberta.

We are currently delivering in excess of 4,000 packages per day within BC and Alberta.

When you hire General Freight, you receive the expertise and professionalism that comes from over a decade and a half of professional courier expertise. From large commercial orders to small deliveries, we guarantee your items will arrive quickly and safely to locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta. With this level of quality service, you’ll be wondering how you got along without General Freight in the past.

We have two goals here at General Freight. One is to provide our customers the best delivery service possible, which includes our Vancouver courier delivery service. The second is to provide each and every client of ours with an exceptional customer experience. To achieve this, we know we need to be available to you when you need us. That is why, if you ever have any questions about our services or are curious how General Freight can help your business thrive and grow, you can always reach us. We can be reached either by phone (Vancouver) (604)728–1897 (Edmonton) (780)566–1707, or you can always submit your questions through our contact page.

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We are a leading regional Courier and Freight service provider.

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