General Freight is proud to be able to offer cross-docking services to all our clients in British Columbia and Alberta. What is cross-docking? It’s a very efficient process that helps save you time and money by keeping your products on the move. The process of cross-docking involves the transferring of products from one truck or railcar to another. This can help save time and money because the products will have a short storage time in a warehouse or none at all before it arrives where you need it to go.

Now, besides saving time and money, there are other reasons why one might choose to use cross-docking services. One such reason to use a cross-dock is if you have goods coming from multiple vendors. This would allow all your products to be loaded onto one truck instead of it all coming to your store in multiple trucks. This would save time and money for your growing business. Cross-docking services can be utilized for a number of reasons and if you have any questions about them contact us today.

While we truly enjoy providing all customers in British Columbia and Alberta with the best courier and shipping services available, it’s our high-quality customer service that we take immense pride in. From the moment when you hire General Freight, we start to consider your business as our business, and we conduct ourselves accordingly. What this means is that we will conduct ourselves in a professional, timely, and available fashion to ensure all your needs are met.

If you should have any concerns or questions about cross-docking or any of our other service offerings do not hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives. Our helpful team can be reached by either calling one of our offices (numbers below) or by submitting your inquiry to our contact page.

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