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Need a rush delivery? No problem. Call General Freight! We offer expedited services making General Freight your only choice for reliable trucking services. No job is too large or too small we have you covered in a professional, timely manner. Every time – Guaranteed!

We understand that dealing with an unreliable trucking service can create unwanted headaches for you and your business. What we also know is that these headaches can result in growth slowdown for your business or in some cases the complete halting of growth. With how competitive the digital landscape has become, most businesses can’t afford to have their growth stunted by outside factors—especially when General Freight has the solution. Our reliable trucking service was created to not only be headache-free but also to ensure that the growth of your business is never again stunted by bad trucking services.

Dependable Drivers = Dependable Service every time – guaranteed!

Here at General Freight, being professional is key. We have provided affordable, flexible, superior, transportation and delivery services in BC and Alberta since 2003. Our commitment to being the best cartage company along with the excellence of service and countless testimonials has earned us the reputation as the best transportation service within BC and Alberta. Count on General Freight for fast, friendly, and reliable trucking services guaranteed every time for all of your shipping, handling, and storage needs.

We have two goals at General Freight. One is to provide the best possible service we can to all businesses in BC and Alberta. Our second goal is to provide an unparalleled customer experience. A big part of this is being available whenever you have a question or concern. That’s why we are here and ready to answer any inquiry you might have.

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We are a leading regional Courier and Freight service provider.

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